My first trip with pals......

It was a Friday morning when my mom cancelled her trip to Kudremukh to visit my uncle and asked me whether I could go and visit my uncle. That was when I thought of a trip with my friends and started calling up every one, and seven of my friends agreed to come, so I went and booked seven more tickets. I was pretty excited the whole day cos it was my first trip with my friends. And I went to collect a Walkman from my friend and actually met with a horrible accident which injured my bike very badly and few scratches on my body, luckily nothing major happened. This accident occurred at around 7 PM in the evening and we had the bus(some private travels) at 10.30 in the night.

All my friends came home by 9:45 and all of us were really excited. We left our house by 10 and reached the bus stand in 10 min by walk. As the bus came we got into the bus and took our seats wondering how the trip will be. We were talking the whole night and got down at Kalasa to change the bus and get into a minibus to reach Kudremukh. The minibus zoomed through the ghat section giving us exotic views of the nature's creation. Finally we reached the Kudremukh stop near my uncle's house. We got down and went straight to my uncle's house to freshen up. We left our baggage there and carried only a camera and wallet and started our journey into the wilderness of Kudremukh.

We caught a local bus and got down at a place called Hanumanagundi..... Bought the entrance ticket and climbed the steps down to see wats in store for us... To our surprise there was one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls.... The sight of which made us rip open our shirts and get under the gushing water.... It was jus tremendous... all our backache relieved... My frens started thanking me for getting them to such a wonderful place....We played in the water for a while and returned to the top of the hanumanagundi falls. Check the snaps

We then started walking along the road hoping to find a bus and got one... came back to the Kuduremukha bus stop... had lunch in some kaka hotel... cos there arent any good hotels... went bck to uncle's place to take some rest. That evening we went out again to the stream nearby... and walked along the stream which was real fun as the soil under our feet would go down as we walked on it...making us feel that mother earth is ready to swallow us...heheh

We followed the stream or rather walked along the stream for a long time and returned to uncle's at around 7 or 8 in the night. The first thing we noticed were the leeches on our legs.... cleaned ourselves had dinner prepared by my uncle and dozed off

The next day our group split few went to mangalore and three of us stayed for one more day....the next day even we left to mangalore and met the other half of our gang in a water park in mangalore...... had a gr8 time thr and left mangalore that night to reach bangalore the following day.... It was the first time.... for all of us to go on a trip with frens