It was a week before our 4th sem started, we had stuck to our homes after the return from goa and boredom was at its peak. The result was a ride to a place called Devarayanadurga near Tumkur road. Me, Aditya, Pramod and Srikiran confirmed our participation. I don’t remember the date, it might be the last week of Jan 2007 or first week of Feb.

The four of us set off on 2 bikes(2 Pulsars), the place is around 70 km from Bangalore. The ride through the Tumkur Road was terrific, traveling over 100kmph, full throttle; we were on top of the world. On Tumkur road we took a deviation to the right and entered the most terrible roads, we somehow managed to subjugate the roads carefully and managed to reach the place. The ride was fun when we started ascending the hill. We visited the temple on top and explored few places, took snaps with Nokia 3230 as none of us had a cam that time. At around 2pm we had lunch in some place, Srikiran had got food for all of us, Adi had got Real juice, Pramod had got water and me absolutely nothing. After lunch we relaxed there for sometime. The downhill ride was incredible where we did not waste even a single drop of fuel. The roads during our return journey were decent enough, on the way we visited a place called ‘Antharaganga’(I hope its correct), where water comes out through a small hole, non-stop 24 hrs. This place was peaceful, spotted few deers there and started the return voyage. The ride was exhausting, reached back home safely rejuvenating and energizing ourselves for six more months of  drudgery. 
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