GO GO GOOAA!!!!!!!!

The third sem had finally come to an end and we were discussing which place we have to visit this time. We had decided on Coorg and it was kind of fixed. But then things took their own turn we somehow had managed funds and ended up booking thirteen tickets to GOA. Our departure was on Jan 17th, 2007 by Seabird Travels. All of us were pretty excited and when the day arrived we were waiting for the bus at 10pm in the night on 17th of January, 2007. The bus was too late and god knows at what time it arrived, we boarded the bus and were waiting for Goa.
 I hate these travel guys, we reached Goa at a very wrong time and that was 2pm in the afternoon, we were scheduled to reach there by 10am in the morning. We quickly booked a lodge, without taking bath we left to a place called Dona Paulo(beach), it was a pretty decent place we dint like it though, took some snaps and were pretty unhappy about the fact that we couldn’t play in the water there. One of my friend sneaked in to some passage, explored and found the backyard of a beach resort. It was great to be there. We were taking snaps, few guys offered us to play a football match against them and the match began, played for a long time and it ended with an incident, ball crashed into one of my friend’s specks(no big injuries). Next we were supposed to visit a beach named Maramar (not too sure about the name), as it was late we left to our lodge in a bus where an english gentleman gave us good company by talking about the EPL matches and what he feels about Goa. Finally we entered our lodges and took bath, had dinner at ‘Udupi Palace’, booked a vehicle for the next day’s travel and slept late in the night after our usual card games and Dumb Charades.


Got up at around 8am, answered nature’s call, took bath, packed necessary things and got ready to visit most of the places in south Goa. Few of them had their breakfast and we got into an exact 13 seater minibus which we had booked for the previous day. The first place we visited was a place where we’re taken to Dolphin Ride, they showed some 4-5 different places, in the boat. We saw few dolphins and managed to capture few. Next it was Aguoda Fort, it has an underground Jail. The next place we visited, we had the time of our life. It was Calangute Beach, everyone liked this place a lot, the beach was awesome. We indulged ourselves in Jet Ski, the water bike(was great fun riding that). Few of them did Parasailing. The nest thing we did there was the Banana ride(Phew!!!). We were taken to the mid section of the beach and made to fall into the beach, we were floating on water with those life jackets, indeed they were life saving jackets. After a thrilling experience, we went to another beach named Anjuna. It was silent beach, no played in the water and we met some interesting people there, one of them was lady trying to perform some tricks(don’t know what). We were late already, visited a temple on the way, got back to the lodge as early as possible and refreshed ourselves, left for the cruise ride. Oh my God, I should say the Cruise was a wonderful experience. After waiting in the long queue. We finally boarded the ship like thing, saw folk dance of Goa, danced until we took bath in our sweat and got back to the lodge after dinner.
We got up pretty early, got ready and left to the most famous St. Xavier’s Church. The church is really huge. Next was Vagator Beach, reached there by 12pm or something, played in the water for sometime, started our mini trek to the Vagator Fort. Its the place where Dil Chatha Hai was shot. Took some snaps, and came back to the lodge by 3pm. Half the gang left back to Bangalore and seven of us stayed back. We explored the Goa market after giving them a Farewell. We had the longest walks of our life in the Goan market. We were left without cameras as all the camera guys were on their way back. We had our dinner at Kamat, had a paan, went back to the lodge and dozed off in no time.
The most awaited day of our trip, we had planned to go to Arambol beach, one of the new beaches in Goa which was around 3km from where we stayed as per the travel book. So we boarded a bus and the journey ended only after 33km. We had our bus tickets booked at 4pm in the evening. We got down at some bus stop and had to walk a few more kilometers to reach the beach. We were frustrated and very disappointed. But we experienced the exact opposite once we saw the beach, it was ‘Spectafabulosome’. The crowd was less and the people were nice too ;-). Had great fun there, walked back to the bus stop and started sipping sugarcane juice while waiting for the next bus. We had loads of sugarcane juice filled into our tummies, bus arrived, we reached the lodge by 4pm, told the travel guys to wait for 10min, ran up to our rooms, just filled our bags with whatever we found, locked doors and climbed down the stairs in 10min, unfortunately the lodge guy wasn’t there to settle the money, waited until he came, settled the money, and actually boarded a running bus(Phew!!). Everything happened so fast. Morning it was Home sweet Home with a lot of good memories and brand new experiences.