Gone are those days

On July 27th, 2008 something really good happened to me and to my high school as well. It was the inaugaration of the Alumni Association of my high school. By the way my high school is Vidya Vardhaka Sangha High School situated in one of the prime localities of Bengaluru (Rajajinagar). The event was named as 'Sangama', and the initiative was taken by our immediate seniors by opening a website vvans.org before they thought about 'Sangama'. The website is  dedicated to the alumni of the school who can register there. The program was scheduled to begin at 11am, the previous day I had put all my efforts to contact as many among my batchmates. So it was kind of reunion for us. I entered the school campus half an hour late and met only 1 guy, 3 gals from our class, slowly the seats had began to fill as Mr.Mundewadi continued with his lecture and I could see many familiar faces. Finally the number 4 grew to 20. It was a great feeling for all of us to go down the memory lane and cherish those moments of golden days. Everything was fine until god blessed us with his heavy showers, the roof of the tent strted leaking as the teachers were being appreciated with momentoes, the program came to a halt and students moved on to their classes to get the feel of those days. We were so busy talking to all the teachers, taking snaps, immitating teachers that we dint even realise that it was time for lunch. We had lunch which was pretty decent and then thought of going out to a place, have some more fun after so many days. Unfortunately it was again Coffe Day to our rescue, but we had a very nice time there. After a long time of chit chatting, we decided to disperse at around 5pm in the evening.
Now I am one year short of completing my graduation and still  my school memories remain fresh.
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