TRIP TO PONDICHERRY --21-23 july'07

After my 4th sem exams, we decided to go to pondicherry as thought during the climax of our last outing. Woke up  early in the morning at around 5am, took bath, completed packing and left to ‘The Poms place’. Around 5.45am everyone had arrived and we departed in the tempo traveler,  the trip had kicked off, we were all excited seeing it was a dvd video coach. We moved through the outskirts and before we knew we were in Tamil Nadu, had breakfast(it was very bad) in some village then headed towards pondicherry. By 1.30pm we were in pondicherry, checked into a room and had lunch in Ananda Bhavan. Our first place of visit was the ‘Aurbindo Ashram’, the silence in the place made us all calm down and feel pleasant. Soon after this we had a walk to the rocky beach where there was no sand just water gushing against the rocks we had a great time here taking lots of  pictures. We noticed a statue of ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ as we marched along the rocky beach. But most of us were busy seeing Sameera reddy and paresh rawal in a film shoot nearby. We then went to Auroville- its a place where a desert land has been converted into a city and people from different nationalities live and work together in harmony. It was a nice little place with art gallery, museums and the most amazing part was a monument in the shape of a ball in which around 200 people could meditate at one time. By that it was quite dark, we walked back in the darkness and reached the hotel. Went out for dinner,the night was great we played Dumb Charades for 2 hrs it just made us laugh and laugh, everyone went to sleep, Few others and I went to the terrace, it started to rain, we had a great time dancing in the rain. As we kept looking at the train, the first day faded away.
    The first attempt to go to the beach at 6am to see the sunrise was not successful as we continued to dream on our beds. Then the usual morning routine and we went to  AURO BEACH which was of no use. We were stuck now not knowing which place to go, 2 of my friends visited the local tourist office and discovered that an awesome beach was there. So we headed to PARADISE  BEACH, the best part of the trip. We had to go in a boat on the backwaters to reach the beach and we did so. The sight was just amazing, I’ve no words to explain. Played for 2 hours in water, the waves were really big. Our hearts felt so light, then we headed back in the boat and started our voyage towards Mahabalipuram. We managed to reach the place by 9pm because of the stupid driver, had dinner in some place, played cards till late night. Suddenly we thought of giving a visit to the beach, had a walk to the beach, we were all alone in the beach. It was so dark that we could only hear the sound of the waves and lightening, kind of scary. We came back to the room as soon as possible and dozed off thinking we’ll give a visit to the beach early in the morning.
Again we din’t get up early!!!!!!!! But got ready and went to see places nearby, first was the FIVE RATHAS. We took a guide who was of no use(really bad), then saw some architecture. One of my friends camera lens broke which resulted in an instant mood upset for all of us, then to the Shore temple nearby. It was a nice temple near the beach, took photos and few guys rode horses, it was a nice ride along the shore. We came back to the room and decided not to go to the crocodile park. The driver was bad, he was not jovial nor good at driving. We headed back home, one of the new members in our gang had a bad time answering us but he took it in a sporty way, reached home by 12 in the night and the trip had come to an end.  Again the same thought, hope it had lasted long but we had a nice feeling. Waiting for next trip
hope it is a loooooooooooooooong trip next time......