A month passed by since our final year classes started, I mean 7th sem classes. It was that time of engineering where each individual is questioned about his final year project, his team and his guide. The same was going on in my class too. After lots of discussions, we somehow managed to make a group of four. But now we were scratching our heads as what project we'll take up. One of the team member came up with the idea of visiting IISc and hoped that we might find something interesting. On a Tuesday afternoon after college we left to IISc and with some amount of influence we gained an entry into the Department of Cryogenic technology. Well, am not going to reveal anything about the project we decided on, its just that i want to share something interesting we saw. First we noticed a tank containing Liquid Nitrogen. Soon we found ourselves inside a building where we saw 2 guys pouring Liquid Nitrogen into another small bucket. It was an amazing sight. Few drops of them fell down, before it could reach my feet, it vanished away. 

Liquid nitrogen (liquid density at the triple point is 0.707 g/mL) is the liquid produced industrially in large quantities by fractional distillation of liquid air and is often referred to by the abbreviation, LN2. It is pure nitrogen, in a liquid state. Liquid nitrogen has the UN number 1977. At atmospheric pressure, liquid nitrogen boils at 77 K (−196 °C/−321 °F), and is a cryogenic fluid which can cause rapid frostbite on contact with living tissue.