Peace protest

Today is one such day where the social being in me stood up for a cause. Yes, I was part of a peace protest against the moral policing. It was organized by Dr Rajeev Gowda, Professor, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and political activist. The team named themselves as the Bengaluru unites group.

At 1.30pm, I finished my classes and headed towards NMKRV college with three of my friends. People from various colleges, professions and NGOs were ready to take part in the event. The entire event was publicized through the web, sms and networking sites. The response was tremendous. I could see people from Samarthanam trust for the disabled participating. Initially there were only a few people and as we began to form a human chain, students and people around us started joining. We stood hand in hand and the chain got real big. We held placards and shouted slogans. The famous slogan being ‘Up Up Indian culture, Down Down gunda culture’. There were certain freelance people who were taking snaps and asking people why they were here. It went on till 2pm and then we dispersed. 
Sometimes I do feel that we shouldn’t even give them the importance of a protest. We just shouldn’t care about them. But they had reached heights. It was something totally against ‘Right to Freedom’ as per our Constitution. We cannot have some hooligans dictate us what we can do and what not. The protest went smoothly without disrupting normal life or traffic. This protest was one among many that happened this afternoon. Many other such human chains formed at various locations around the city and incidentally, the pink chaddi brigade, under the flagship of the times group, also exhibited their concern in a unique fashion today. 
Photos of the protest in different locations 

The organizer: