Junkyard Vase

Recently, one of my friends made a vase out of the remains of a fire cracker. It looked really awesome. Here are few steps on how to do a vase.
Stuff required: Remains of a cracker, pencil, strong glue, Ragi (Finger Millet), rice, few decorative stuff.  

Step 1: Take the firecracker cylinder as in the picture and remove all the covering. Make a random design on it with a pencil. Apply fevicol or a strong glue to the design made.
Step 2: Take some quantity of Ragi on a sheet and roll the cylinder on it. The Ragi gets stuck to the glued design. Let it dry it for sometime and make sure to fill up certain gaps.

Step 3: Now apply glue to the remaining part on the cylinder. Drop rice grains on to it. The rice grains get stuck. The color difference between the two food grains gives a good contrast. 
Step 4: Your vase is almost done. Now is the time for some decorating stuff. This can be done depending on the size of your vase. Take few colorful tapes and golden threads and stick it to the top and bottom of the vase as shown in the picture. The vase looks simply superb.