Home made photoframe

"Joblessness makes you creative" and I absolutely agree with that statement. It all started with the idea of gifting one of my friend a framed photo on his birthday. I went to the photo studio got the photo printed but forogt to get it framed there. So I start thinking after am home "What can be done?". I made a photo frame on my own at home. Here's how I did it.

   Things required:
        A cardboard sheet, an old hard bound notebook as shown, blade, scale, stick tape, photo worth framing, superglue and a transparent to cover the photo.

1. Make sure that the photo fits the hard bound notebook you have chosen.

2. Wrap the note book with cardboard after taking out all the pages from the book.

 3. Stick the photo on one side of the book as shown in the pic.

4. Now your frame is almost ready. Stick a transparent sheet on the photo, so that dust doesn't get settled on it. Its time to make it stand. So cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape shown in the pic. and stick it the bound notebook as shown.

5. Finally your photo frame is ready. You can make it more colorful by painting some stuff on the cardboard. If you want to gift it to someone, you can write a message on the other side of the notebook. It can be improvised in many ways, this is just the basic idea. Hope u guys liked this.  Comments plzzz.