Walk in the moon

A wonderful afternoon, sitting in the office fortunately with all my work done and the thoughts of talking to someone was in the head. So i started writing the below few lines and it turned out to be a poem in the end. After reading this a friend of mine asked me "Dude, to whom is this dedicated?". I was speechless for a moment.
I will tell you to whom it is meant for, but first read these few lines which are going to transform into a song soon. Do Leave a comment if you like them!!!

During the noon
Lets Talk
Wait for the moon
For the Walk

Hand in hand
On the Sand
Beside the beach
And u in my reach

It’s the time
For some wine
And a rose
Which I chose

I’ll be your cook
You have the look
Keep the smile
For as long as the nile

I want you more
That’s what the waves roar
Hear the Sound
And go round and round

A beautiful chance
For a moon-light dance
Is this a dream?
No, I wanna scream

Humming this song
We’ll make the night long
This is for you
You know I’m true

Chorus :
This is the way
I dream of a day
Talking the noon
Walking the moon….

Now coming to the point to whom its dedicated to. Its dedicated to the that afternoon sun which made me write this, and then the moon, the sand, the beach, the red wine and the rose, my passion for cooking, just the smile, the waves and their sound on a pleasant night, also dance and my dreams...
 But all this wouldn't make any sense without the the other 'Hand'. I just want to end this saying its for the Hand in Hand and the Walk with that hand in the moon!!!