Hopping on a ray of hope
Never say 'Nope'
Dont lose it with a dope
Nor with a hanging rope

You know the history
And future is a mystery
Make your life more glittery
By stopping the negatives like a sentry

Think about being detahced
When you are attached
About something that you want
So that its not gonna come back at you to haunt

With a smile you greet
and learn from the people you meet
Once in a while jump up and scream
Live life like its one big, big dream

Incident 1: On my way to the office i saw a young man rather i can call him a kid smoking away his life and he did not look like the son of a construction worker. He was wearing a funky shirt, brand new jeans, sitting on his Deo. 

Incident 2: I heard of a guy committing suicide for some damn reason. How on earth could one possibly think of suicide as a solution? 

The above two incidents make think of 'Hope' which makes you a positive person. The above few lines are a consequence of my thought.

According to me, this entire world runs on 'Hope'. A hope that this world will never end, a hope that we will have a better tomorrow, a hope that god really exists, a hope that all the bad things come to an end. Every man, every individual has his own sets of hope. But a wise man has said its better to 'Hope' than to expect . The Indian IT industry hopes that the US economic situation improves, a software engineer hopes he gets an onsite soon.We all hope that our vehicles give a better mileage, a mother hopes that her child gets back home soon, a old lady on the street hopes for a helping hand, a blind man hopes that one day he can see his future, a multi-millionaire hopes to be a billionaire. The list of hope is never ending. But all this is good only if you hope, but disaster strikes when it turns to expectation.