The Famous five - Real | Unreal

It was one of those days in school, when you walk slowly to your classrooms after the Games period. The black shoes had turned brown due to the dust and the walk was real slow. If I can recollect, we were around five(from what I remember) of us walking at the end. Nikhil, me, guess Suhas and two other gals (Unable to figure out the names) were walking toward our school gates. All of us were tired and thirsty, moreover didn’t want to attend any class now. Before I forget, we were playing with a gun which felt real when you held it in your hands. It was heavy and the feel was of metal. It didn’t look like a pistol, but something bigger. I was waiting to get my hands on this weapon, just to strike some pose and feel how it is to hold a gun or maybe I can call it a rifle.

When I got the weapon in my hands, I was trying to hold it as if I was aiming somewhere like a pro. Though I have never been part of NCC, Scouts and I felt like one of them. Amidst this adventure of exploring this harmful device, we had almost reached the school gate. I acted like I was loading the weapon and looked up straight, to my surprise or shock there was a man dressed weirdly (I really can’t explain) and running towards us and yes even he had a gun. Without hesitating, I pointed the weapon in my hand towards him. It seemed like everything was in slow motion like how it happens in games like Max Payne. I just pulled the trigger and it accelerated the pace of the events. It was like a blow out of the water for us when a bullet burst out of the weapon in my hand and then it actually hit the person running towards us. We could see burst of blood from his leg, seeing this, our legs got the required thrust to run into our school and escape.

All of us ran as fast as we could and entered our school. Not just that, we even entered our classroom. Our hearts in our mouth when we heard bullet shots shot towards us and more horrified when we got the feel that there were more than 3-4 people and yeah they were terrorists. As soon as we entered the classroom, there were others who were happily chatting and we were gasping for breath. I quickly ran towards a corner in the classroom and squeezed myself underneath a bench. All the blood in my body was being pumped at an abnormal rate, obviously higher. To my surprise, the watchman of our school closed the doors of our classroom. I must say he had a great presence of mind. I had already started losing my ability to think and before i could close my eyes, i saw two of my friends entering the class, one of them being Prakhyath. Watchman closed the door again. I closed my eyes for a moment, but it scared the shit out of me.

I opened my eyes, only to realize all this wasn’t real. Now I am wondering what's the reason for such a dream is. Does it have significance? If yes, why is that I got my school and school friends whom I haven’t met for quite some time?

Few incidents that came to my mind that I could relate to this:

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