Is it or is it cos?

Is it the warmth in your arms?
Or is it cos I don feel any harm
Is it the freezing wind of memories?
Or is it cos you make me feel like the fairy in the stories

Is it the way you embrace me
Or is it cos I want to lose myself to you
Is it the sound that I hear from your heart?
Or is it cos its my name that I hear every time it beats

Is it cos I am scared of the evil
Or is it the drink that had the sleeping pill
Is it the magic in your voice?
Or is it cos I am gonna be your spouse

Is it the love in your eyes?
Or is it cos the lightning strikes
Is it the secureness I feel?
Or is it cos it is you who can vanish my worries

Is it the thirst in the lips?
Or is it cos the late night nips
Is it the desire of the dreams?
Or is it cos you are the reality of my dream

Is it just cos of you
Or is it cos of me, Whatever IT IS,
IT IS you that all I own
IT IS you who can be the king in my throne!