The 1191mi July 4th Road Trip

The July 4th 2015 weekend, I planned a road trip, the one with my wife and the places she always wanted to see. As the first part in this post, I am posting the route that I took and following this will be a series of detailed posts about each place that we came across.

Click on the links to know more detailed info about the trip and some snaps!

Day 1 (July 2nd, 2015) - Bellevue(Home) to Eugene
Day 2 (July 3rd, 2015) - Eugene - Crater Lake National Park - Klamath Falls - Roseburg
Day 3 (July 4th, 2015) - Roseburg - Sand Dunes Frontier, US 101 Florence - Cannon beach, OR -                                               Bellevue via US 101 and I-5N

Here is the google maps route that I created, it may be of some use to people who want to do this trip.