Spare a moment

There are things happening in the world
At the very moment, people being hurled
We are animals of the same kind
Humaneness is what we need to find

Spare a moment amidst your busy life
Praying for the people suffering from the strife

We are embroiled in our ego
Which we can never let go
There’s an engine called the heart
Fueling it with selfless thoughts, you start

Spare a moment amidst your thought
Is this what we have been taught?

We tend to forget people from the past
As we try to keep up with things changing fast
Embrace everyone with the same smile
So that your relationships are no more fragile

Spare a moment during your day
For doing the right thing ‘cos its no child’s play

Our mind is a battleground of emotions
Lets find a way to kill its notions
Anger and hatred are some of those
Peace and love is what I chose

Spare a moment in your night
To pray for the future bright

Spare a moment….